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Youth Aid Panel
To provide an alternative for Centre County Youth who have an arrestable offense and who are first-time offenders.

What is a Youth Aid Panel?
The Youth Aid Panel is a group of trained community volunteers who oversee the completion of alternative plans by youth who are referred by schools, police or the courts.
How Does a Youth Aid Panel Work?
Juvenile offenders who admit their involvement in an eligible first-time offense are offered the opportunity to go in front of the Youth Aid Panel.  At a panel meeting, juvenile offenders and their families meet formally with trained community volunteer panelists. The panelists decide an appropriate resolution to hold the juvenile accountable for his/her criminal actions. The juvenile and his parents sign a contract for the juvenile to complete educational activities, community service, restitution, victim apologies and/or other requirements. If the juvenile successfully completes the resolution, he/she will not have a criminal record.

What are the benefits of the Youth Aid Panel?
The juvenile offenders who successfully complete their resolution are offered a "second chance," as they will not have an official court record.     
•The juvenile is able to become more connected to the community.  
•Personal responsibility is taught. 
•The program saves taxpayers court-related costs, as the panel system is less costly to the public. 
•The juvenile and his/her family are helped to understand that they live in a community that cares and that expects responsible resolutions for criminal behavior.
•Awareness of local community resources is increased.

If you want to learn more about the Youth Aid Panel, check out our video.
Deborah Llewelyn 
State College Panel Monitors:

​​​​​​​Jane Stanton
Susan Sampsell
Bob Snyder
Kyrsten Murphy
Salua Kamerow
Bellefonte Panel Monitors:

Star Campbell
Tom Boldin
Karen Kirsh
Zoe Boniface
Tracy Warren
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