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The Centre County Bail Agency

To provide an alternative to incarceration for pretrial detainees charged with bailable offenses.  

To provide assistance in receiving needed social services to defendants released under supervision
Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible?    
Residents of PA who are charged with a bailable offense in Centre County.

When will a defendant be interviewed?
Eligible defendants will be interviewed within 72 hours of their commitment.

Are there other Pretrial Programs in PA?
Yes, but not all counties have a pretrial program. The Pennsylvania Pretrial Association can be contacted at .  The state association holds an annual conference in State College in the Fall.  There is also a national association which can be accessed at

Defendants can be placed on supervised bail by a Magisterial District Judge or a Judge of the Common Pleas Court.

All defendants will be required to abide by a standard set of conditions (see box, at right) governing their release, as well as special conditions imposed by the court. Any violation of these conditions can result in a motion to revoke supervised bail.

All defendants released will remain under supervision until their case is properly disposed of in the court system.

Fees are assessed on the basis of a defendant’s income.
Conditions Governing Prison Release Include:
•Maintain regular contact with bail supervisor as directed, 3-7 times per week.
•Maintain approved residence and receive permission for any move prior to the move.
•Comply with all criminal laws including the vehicle code, and the liquor code.
•Notify CACJ of any arrest.
•Obtain/maintain employment.
•Remain in Centre County unless given permission to travel out of the county.
•Abstain from possession and use of controlled substances.
•Refrain from behavior that is dangerous to self or others.
•Attend all court appearances.
•Have no contact with victims or witnesses unless given permission by the court to have contact.
•Abide by any special conditions which may be added by the court
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